The last manager

Imagine a world without managers. A world where you can do your work the way you think best, without having to account for everything.

"The eight thousand nurses at Buurtzorg, a Dutch home care services company, work in teams and manage everything themselves like planning and renting office space. The clients are very satisfied and the company is thirty percent cheaper."


Science fiction? No, everywhere in the world, managers are being laid off. If the trend continues, in ten years the manager will be added to the list of endangered species. Will it be an ecological disaster? No, because he will leave a team of well-trained and motivated employees behind who are capable of managing their work for themselves.


Managers are a dying breed. Read this inspiring book on how more companies and organizations are relying on their entrepreneurial, autonomous professionals. Ben Kuiken is a Dutch author and philosopher. He is the author of six business books and is considered to be one of the most influential business thinkers in the Netherlands.


  • Titel: The last manager
  • Ondertitel: A plea for freedom, equality and entrepreneurship
  • Auteur: Ben Kuiken
  • Verschenen: juni 2017
  • Uitgeverij: Haystack
  • ISBN: 9789461262318
  • Omvang boek: 172 pagina's
  • Uitvoering: Paperback